Customs officers were surprised to find over 1,000 diamonds in the insoles of a young man from southern China. The smuggler attempted to sneak diamonds totaling 213 carats from Hong Kong to Shenzhen in mainland China on March 13. He was caught after a customs officer spotted him tiptoeing in pain at the border crossing.

The man, carrying two plastic shopping bags, appeared to be an ordinary visitor crossing the busy Luohu border between Hong Kong and mainland China on Monday at 11 pm.

But his unusual walking posture set alarm bells ringing.

‘I spotted him tiptoeing. He walked normally after he found that I was looking at him,’ said a Shenzhen customs officer.

They stopped to search his bags but they only seemed to contain daily necessities.

Officers then searched his shoes and found a pair of unusually thick insoles and several bags of diamonds underneath.

Luohu officials said they had caught another smuggler hiding diamonds totaling 327 carats in his socks on March 10. Another was arrested on the same day concealing 207 carats under the insoles.

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