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Notorious Gangster Arrested Inside A Bunker After Being On The Run For 10 Years… Photos

A notorious mobster has been arrested hiding behind the trap door of a bunker after going on the run over a 2007 mafia massacre in Germany. Santo Vottari, 45, has been detained by police in Calabria in Southern Italy after a decade on the run as the suspected boss of the ‘Ndrangheta crime clan.

Carabinieri paramilitary police before dawn Wednesday opened a trapdoor in a bunker in a drab apartment residence in the hamlet of Ricciolino di Benestare and discovered the mafia boss huddled in a crawl space.

Vottari was convicted in absentia in 2009 of being one of the heads of an ‘Ndrangheta clan whose feud with local rivals culminated in the Duisburg killings.

He was given a prison term of 10 years and eight months, two years after he went on the run.

Interior Minister Marco Minniti praised the police team that tracked him down to a building which had no fewer than four concealed bunkers in it.

Inside the fourth one they searched, on the top floor of the building, they found a trapdoor leading to another bolthole, where they found Vottari squashed into a space just big enough to hold someone hiding out for a few hours.

Vottari was one of 31 people sentenced to prison terms in 2009 in connection with the Duisburg killings, which happened after a vendetta between two clans based in the same village, San Luca, spiralled out of control.

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