Nigerian Lecturers can be very frustrating most times 😞😞

They look down on students and utilize any opportunity they see to the fullest to blast the hell out of you and get you frustrated by all means.

At one point in your life, You must have faced such Embarrassment from your Teacher or Lecturer while in Secondary school or in higher institution. Except no be for Naija you go School na him you no go experience this kain thing 😜😜

Now, Here is our Question for you all ➭ What Was The Most Annoying Thing Your Lecturer/Teacher Ever Done To You?

Drop your comments.

Mine => My Lecturer said to me during my University days.. “Makinde! You can’t pass my Course because we drive the same Car 😕 (I drive Honda EOD *back then*) and true true I got 9/70 in his Course.

I almost died when the Exam result was released. Na crime make young boy hustle make money?

Tell us yours, Lets discuss.

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