Easy and Simple ways to make your website more more  attractive To Your Visitors

Appearance matters, there’s no doubt about that. Whether a website visitor will take the time to read your content will depend to some extent on how attractive your site is. 

In this week’s inspiration article we’ll go over a few simple but effective ways to make your website visually attractive, so you can stand out from the crowd. We’ll cover:

  • fonts that are easy to read
  • colors that match your audience and their needs
  • relevant photos
  • catchy headlines
  • and formatting your content so it’s easy to read
  • Easy-to-read fonts

    The purpose of a font is to be read. If your font makes reading difficult, not only will the reader not return to your site, he is likely to leave the site before he’s even finished reading the page. 

    Two scientists conducted an experiment to determine the effect of a simple font versus a fancy one. They used two groups of people who received the instructions in either a simple font or a fancy one. 

    Those who read the instructions in the fancy font estimated that the task would take almost twice as long as the estimate from the group reading the simple font. So if you’re writing instructions for a project, use a simple font. Readers will be more likely to think the project will be easy to accomplished

  • Appropriate colors

    When choosing colors for your website, you should first decide whether your intended audience is male or female. This information will help you choose an appropriate color scheme for your website. 

    Males generally don’t like purple, orange, or brown. They like blue, green, and black. 

    Females generally don’t like gray, orange, brown. They like blue, purple, and green. 

    In addition to choosing a color that is appropriate for the gender of your audience, you should consider the emotion that you want to elicit. Different colors are known to influence people in different ways. 

    Take a look at this chart that can help you choose appropriate colors:

  • Images

    People seem to become more and more visual every day. Take advantage of that. Choose photos that are relevant to the topic of your post. The right photos can keep your readers on your blog longer. 

    Don’t choose photos just because they’re beautiful. If they are not also relevant to the topic, your readers will feel cheated. They might even waste time trying to find the text that matches the photo. If that’s not available, they will be annoyed and leave, probably never to return.

  • Catchy headlines

    Catchy headlines are important visual cues that can attract people to your page if you’ve used your 65 characters including spaces wisely. That’s how many characters will appear in search results. 

    People are attracted to – 

    • numbers – such as ‘5 ways to …’ 
    • negative words – such as ‘Do not do xyz until you read this’ 
    • questions – such as ‘Why do you want to sell your home?’ 

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