Head of the African Church, Ifako Diocese has condemned the action taking by Governor Ambode – The firing and eviction of Pastor Femi Taiwo has continued to generate controversy around Lagos – In this interview, Reverend Michael Adeyemi reveals the position of the church on the matter

Following the sack and eviction of Venerable Femi Taiwo, by the Lagos state government for allegedly disrespecting the wife of the governor, Bolanle Ambode the church has spoken out. The Rt. Rev. Michael Adeyemi the head of the African Church, Ifako Diocese, and the boss of the Presiding Chaplain of the Chapel of Christ the Light, Ikeja had these to say in an interview with Punch newspaper. “It was on Monday, May 15, that Venerable Taiwo called me that there was a development in the chapel and that he was coming to see me. He came and showed me the sack letter, saying that his appointment had been terminated.

The outrage has continued to rise over teh eviction of pastor Taiwo

“I asked him specifically if he had been receiving queries from the officials of the chapel or the government, but he said it has never happened.
“I know Taiwo. He is a very responsible minister of God; very knowledgeable, humble and disciplined. I have worshiped at that chapel a few times myself. And I made personal investigations about him. “Even the members of the chapel are saddened by this development. If you know about what they have been doing since this incident happened, you will know venerable Taiwo is a man everybody respects.

They accommodated him and furnished the place just to make him comfortable. They have also written to the government to rescind the decision. He is not a wayward person.” When asked about the sack letter, the reverend said: “I was here, when he called me that they asked him to pack out within 24 hours and that he was even told that the governor’s wife would not like to hear that he was still being seen around. “Then we started wondering what could have happened? Somebody that has a wife and kids, and you asked him to go within 24 hours? Where do you expect him to go? “This is very ungodly! It is a sacrilege for someone who happens to be a Christian. Even when Fashola was there, despite being a Muslim, he never took such a decision. “Now that the governor is a Christian, which we all fought for, he is the one taking ungodly decisions. “We have written letters to CAN and CCN, including the Methodist Church where the Venerable Taiwo’s assistant came from, that if Mrs Ambode, is trying to cause divide and rule among the Christians, she should go ahead. We are not afraid of anything.”

Condemning the first lady, he also said: “We understand that Mrs Ambode is also a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, let her go and ask the RCCG Pastor, Enoch Adeboye, whether what she did was the right thing to do to a minister of God. It is ungodly and very sad. “From my findings, her point of annoyance was that she was not recognised. She was not duly recognised and I asked that at what point was she expecting that recognition? “I was told that Venerable Taiwo mounted the pulpit to deliver the sermon, she expected him to recognise and welcome her to the service. To some extent, I agree with her because the Bible says we should give honour to whom it is due.” He concluded by saying: “As a church, we are demanding apology from the governor and the government of Lagos State. We demanded that we wanted a Christian governor. “We came out en masse and supported the political ambition of Ambode. We told our members to go out and vote for him. Unfortunately, people have started mocking us.” Meanwhile, according to a source: “The point is that he (Mr. Taiwo) disregarded rules to go and meet the First Lady without authorisation, out of selfish interest.”

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