Davolee Is Making A Comeback, But Is He Going To Hit The Ground Running?

Almost one year ago, Davolee put out a song that renewed the faith people had in him that was at the time already fading.

That song was “Happiness” and for what it’s worth, it’s an all-right song. But that was one year ago, and since, it’s fair to say Davolee hasn’t exactly kept the promise alive very much. On his part, it’s like he’s doing so little to even stay relevant in the game. But yeah, of course, all that could just be a play.

What I’m saying here is, here we are, almost one year after his last good single, and he’s thinking of making a run for the album bag. Yeah, Davolee is gonna drop an album. Not an EP, not some kind of mixtape arrangement, but a real album. 15 tracks, 46 minutes, stuff like that. Well, that’s good news because at least well, he’s doing something now so it’s better than before.

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But does this necessarily mean this album would be ultimately good for him? What I’m probing here is if this album could boost Davolee‘s profile in any way, or if it would give him some kind of traction he lacked before, or open him up to a market he wasn’t in before?

Now, these are complex questions and there’s really no way to determine the correct answers for sure. But we can, of course, speak of the facts.

One, it is a fact that Davolee has had two singles out now this year. Add that to “Happiness” from last year and what you got is three lead singles to his debut album, “Earning Wish.”

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Also, I can say for sure that besides “Happiness,” the songs have all not gained any momentum and it’s just there. There is a reason for this and I have talked about this before.

Love” for example desperately sounds like the guy could really use some Record Label A&R work. Though usually well-intended, it lacks proper execution, and it doesn’t have any direction.

It’s the same thing for the just-released “Play.” As a matter of fact, it is the same pattern. This makes me skeptical as to what to expect from the guy’s album.

A safer route for him would be to just be the rapping guy and throw some bars. If he doesn’t do that, then he’d have to do this underwhelming singing thing he’s been up to for a year now. Maybe he’s gotten the hang of it and he’s saving the best for last? Maybe, but that’s doubtful. I simply do not have a good feeling about a Davolee album, sorry.

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Anyway, I’d like to hear what y’all think.

What Are Your Thoughts On The State of Davolee’s Career And His Forthcoming Album?

Drop a comment.

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